Welcome to the World of Register-less Architecture

Published by tanuma on Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don’t you have a FPGA evaluation board you gave just a try and put aside?

Aren’t you sick of the poor-performance processor of your microcontroller?

Aren’t you looking for a little bit (or a quite) unusual CPU?

If yes, this is just a website for you:

I am developing a multiprocessor system based on register-less architecture, and trying to introduce the details of the technology and relating applications here in this website.

Multiprocessor — it might sound complicated and difficult, but is not at all!!
My multiprocessor system is so simple in structure and within easy reach of hobby users.
No need to be a professional of processors!  — As I’m not, either…
Not only structurally simple, it is so compact as to fit well into a small FPGA board.

This multiprocessor system features quite a simple circuit and enables direct control on many kinds of devices through software thanks to no disarray in timing due to accessing cache memory or other disturbance.
For example, it allows a budget-pleasing FPGA board (DE0-Nano) to accommodate sixteen 32-bit processor cores.  By attaching a simple VGA output circuit, the kit enables what appears below:


SDRAM on the FPGA board, which appears as VRAM on the screen in the picture, is controlled almost by software.  While SDRAM is clocked at 50MHz, the same clock for the CPU, the way each command corresponds to a clock period gives you an intuitive implementation.


In addition, here I scroll the viewing area by accessing the accelerometer.  As respective processes of displaying on the screen, reading the accelerometer and scrolling the viewing area (by setting the starting address of VRAM) are executed separately in parallel, there is no difficulty in implementation.


With one more step, here a small camera is directly attached to this multiprocessor system.  By further efforts, it would be possible to utilize this system in controlling robots.


Demo of this multiprocessor system, now available here, encourages users to run self-produced application software instantly.

Why don’t you give it a try?
Demo System RevealedDemo System Revised (Camera Control)

This new processing technology under development has a long way to go for improvement, asking for cooperation and advice from various parties.
Your feedback is welcome. Please leave your comment.

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